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By calpolyfan
So sick of Steam - Doesn't work when you're offline after a while, so basically an "online" game that you are renting from a software sharing company and you actually don't own the game.

Apparently Real Welders is going the Steam - ing- pile of.. route. Too bad.

What happened to selling a CD, or even today maybe a micro drive or usb even with the game on it, and people can honestly pay for the game (or not, like they do whether a game is on steam or not).

A physical version of the game, even if just in a CD sleave would be great to have, and I and I'm sure others would pay money to guarantee the game is actually offline-always, which is a claim made by many developers these days, but the truth is Steam is an online required gaming platform, which is making gaming much worse.

I hope you guys realize there is also money to be made selling virtual CDs in this era of very dissatisfied Steam (forced on us) gamers.
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By RealWelders Evgeniy
First of all, we don't know any problems about "Steam offline mode". It works fine for us. If a game supports offline (like ours) it will work in offline.
Secondly, making a physical DVD/CD is a very complex and money-consuming process for such a small team as we are.
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By calpolyfan
Well, I'm not making it up, after a while, the offline mode starts requesting some update, or just not working anymore for me, and this has been on two different computers.

I understand you guys are a small crew, and apparently STEAM is the most desirable for small developers for simplicity and apparently making money, but how hard is it to burn some CDs, just get them made? I would pay more for a CD that works and I don't have to deal with Steam.

The last good City Sim in my opinion was Sim City 4 - Cities Skylines requirement to be connected to the Steam network and be online and have a connection makes in unplayable for me (besides the game needing tons of mods). The offline mode works, but usually about a week, and then they demand you go online again. That isn't an offline game.

Just too bad to hear that you can't have a physical CD for sale, I guess maybe because of your STEAM contract or something? Anyway, bummer.

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