Feature request and game discussion
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By Landi
Hi, I was thinking, and it would be cool if you make people not just appear but come with cars and buses

Here are some item ideas:
1.A parking lot -
People can come with their cars and Player can select would parking be free or paid, and you could have ticket machines ramps...

2. A bus stop -
People can come with a bus and a player can sign a contract with a bus company

3.A subway entrance -
Nothing special, just a subway entrance
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By Northwestair
Hey, this isn't your average form of transit, but would (this is really out there) boats possibly be implemeted? I saw earlier the thing about terain and thought I remembered something about water. This is more common than you would expect, Kobe, Kansai, and Hong Kong have boat piers for passengers.
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By Evgeniy
Yeah, as well as in Venice Marco Polo airport. It would be great to have something like this. There is a big chance we leave it for modders.