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By Baumbart2012
Seems, like the basic functions are ready. Planes can land on basic infrastructure, passengers can unload and load, and the plane can even start again.
The way, taxiways, runways and roads connect together seems to work fine and is easy to understand :idea:

But why the stand has 2 taxiway connections on opposite sites?
Looking at the game right now, alpha can come... :D ;)
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By Baumbart2012
But please stick to real distances.

Please make the runway extendable and stick to the scaling you chose for most things in the game. Nothing looks worse than Jumbos landing on runways of the scale of a regional 1500ft one... :lol:
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By Evgeniy
Baumbart2012 wrote:But why the stand has 2 taxiway connections on opposite sites?
Because if you don't have puscsback you want to have exit and entrance on the each ramp (planes don't have reverse gear)
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By Fgjordy
This Actually exists at Schiphol Amsterdam airport where Regional airliners like Fokker/Embrear/Bombardier aircraft are served on an apron where they taxi on and can drive away from again!

i hope the game will include much more of these features other games dont have! ( like an Tow service to tow an aircraft to parking etc )