Feature request and game discussion
Hello, I am very excited about this game and have been following its development since about mid 2018 and recently backed it on kickstarter, I love everything I see! I find the idea of the eras very interesting. I know we will be able to choose a starting year, but will we be able to edit the game so that we can stay in that relative era? For example, if I wanted to play a game just in the "Fly Everybody" era without advancing to the "Jet Shine" era, would that be possible? Could we just keep expanding our airport and play just in one era for longer than the allotted time? Thank you, I am very much looking forward to playing this game, best of luck with the kickstarter and the continued development!
Evgeniy wrote:wow wow, that's interesting. Like "time loop" mode. Technically it seems possible. Have to discuss it with the programmers. And there still not clear what shall we do with the tech tree in this case.
Yes something like that! Thank you for responding, I admire how you are taking player feed back seriously. In terms of research I would probably like it best if everything from previous eras was unlocked and you would unlock everything from the relevant era as you would normally. Research from future eras would be locked. That is just one idea, thank you for your consideration and best of luck with future development! Can't wait to get my hands on the game.
Evgeniy wrote:Yes, this is the simplest way to implement it. But I concern that in some moment all available researches will be unlocked and the "Research" feature becomes futile.
Gotcha, that is a concern I did not consider. Obviously you and the team know best but maybe you could change the rate at which research becomes available? That way it takes longer to research everything and it remains a component of the game for a longer time? This will still result in there being nothing more to research eventually but I know I would be okay with that, I don't know about other players though and just as importantly your vision for the game. Best of luck to you all, I know if you all decide to implement a feature such as this you all will make the best choices. Best of luck in future development, regardless of if/how you implement this, im rooting for you all!
Hello. I'm also interested in the opportunity to play inside one particular era. It is the ability to simply develop an airport within one era that is important to me as part of this game. It is very interesting to create a large complex system. I propose to implement this feature in the sandbox, in which you can select various start parameters, including the era within which you can play. Perhaps the implementation of this function in the sandbox will solve the issue with research.
P.S. I follow and participate on Kickstarter. I look forward to January 2020.