Feature request and game discussion
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By Fill

after i saw some videos and pictures, i miss some shaders, shadows and something like that to get closer to the amazing artworks. Do you plan a graphic overhaul in these points?

btw: Do you plan a beta release?
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By Evgeniy
For sure we will improve shaders/lights and other stuff.

As to any release dates we are not ready to share any define dates ;)
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By Fill
Thx for that info. I'm very excited to see how the development continues.

Should i can help your team in some cases about aerodrome design, regulations and planning, let me know. Maybe i can contribute something, which I have already to do every day anyway.
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By Evgeniy
Thx! Please feel free to share your thoughts regarding processes and design you can see in our videos.
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By Niccii
hello Guys, i re-update this topic (to not create another)
Will you put : Storm ? Cloud ? Rain ? thunder ? snow ?
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By Kaffeebart
I hope it's not jut one fix Resolution.
You may use 1920x1080 others use 1280x1024
and Maybe there are some user they still use 800x600

But we will see if the game is open for customers.

Other Question: Won't you buy the game if there is no 1920x1080 mode?
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By Alex96x2
It does not matter if there is not this resolution, but it could be a good addition to the game. More and more people have Full HD screens